CCM CL 500 Hockey Gloves - Senior

CCM CL 500 Hockey Gloves - Senior

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The CCM CL 500 Hockey Gloves are an elite level model that offers great protection and fit. A tapered fit gives your wrist all the mobility for stick handling and shooting while a closer fit toward the fingers gives you full control of your stick. The glove is lightweight with the use of UFOAM for protection. The thumb is a 3 piece design, which is the most mobile thumb in the CCM glove line, giving you a great grip on your stick.

The construction of this glove is highly durable and lightweight with nylon and polyurethane trim which allows the glove to breathe, keeping your hands cool while maintaining a high level of durability. A pro feel N8080 nash with soft nash reinforced palm is used for increased durability while also providing good feel for your stick.

The CCM CL500 gloves provide a great fit for stick handling and shooting and a high level of protection while keeping the weight low, making them a good choice for players all the way up to the most advanced levels of play.

CCM CL 500 Senior Hockey Gloves

The evolution of the CL glove with improved fit and mobility. Overall tapered fit with a snug backhand and narrow fingers opening to a wider cuff. The CL500 glove, weighing 300g, is the perfect balance of pro level protection and lightweight construction and a key part of the CCM CRAZY LIGHT story. This glove is perfect for players looking to improve control with a better handle on their stick.

CCM CL 500 Hockey Glove Specs

Construction Nylon with polyurethane trim for cool comfort and long-term durability.

Fingers & Backhand
NHL level UFOA M with stretch vented mesh gussets to keep hands cool and flexible.

NEW 3 piece flex design prevents the thumb from moving backwards but allows good forward flex to promote control of the stick.

Pro-feel N8080 Nash with soft Nash reinforcement to increase durability and help improve stick handling.

Cuff & Cuff Roll
Ufoam segment on open cuff plus mobile cuff roll enhances movement, flexibility and protection.

Tapered to improve stick control.
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Hockey Glove Sizing Chart

Measure from the base of your middle finger to the crease of your elbow. This measurement in inches should serve as a good reference point for your hockey glove size. Keep in mind that this measurement does not account for personal preference.

Hockey Glove Sizing Chart
Age Group Finger Base to Elbow (in) Hockey Glove Size
Youth 7 - 8" 8"
8 - 9" 9"
Junior 9 - 10" 10"
10 - 11" 11"
11 - 12" 12"
Senior 12 - 13" 13"
13 - 14" 14"
14 - 15" 15"
Hockey Glove Sizing Measurement - Finger Base to Elbow Crease
CCM CL 500 Hockey Gloves - Senior
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
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5 Stars
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saucyyyyyy hands
December 15, 2013
My aaa coach gave me these for christmas hahha beauty gloves and you can throw sauce better then mr sauce boss aka carey price! gives ya a killer flick shot
mrs sauce boss
aka carey price

ShellPolyester with Polyurethane Trim
PalmClarino Nash
PaddingNHL Level UFOAM
CuffOpen with UFOAM Protection
Finger Segments3-Piece Index
Thumb3-Piece Flexible Thumb
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Made In-
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