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CCM 9000 Senior Hockey Goalie Mask

CCM 9000 Senior Hockey Goalie Mask

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CCM 9000 Senior Hockey Goalie Mask

CCM 9000 Hockey Goalie Mask Specs

  • Vision
    Pro-inspired shell design increases vision to improve performance and reaction time.

  • Protection
    Fiberglass shell with extended back design for increased coverage and safety.

  • Comfort
    Dual-density pro VN liner with comfort foam system to assure a comfortable, custom-adjusted fit.

  • Fit
    Tool-less chin cup adjustment provides a customized pro fit and ultimate comfort.
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CCM 9000 Hockey Goalie Mask Sizing

CCM 9000 Hockey Goalie Mask Sizing
CCM 9000 Senior Hockey Goalie Mask
By Garrett from Texas on May 27, 2014
I wear a 7 1/2 hat size and was wondering if I should purchase a size medium or size large mask since 7 1/2 is covered by both sizes. I am leaning towards the large but want a professional opinion before I shell out the money.
By Customer Service on May 30, 2014

I would recommend the large. If you can measure your head in inches or centimeters, that would give you the best measurement to go by.

By Tim Nelligan from Houston,Texas on January 23, 2014
I am a baseball umpire with a large noggin. They do not make a baseball mask bigger than 7 and 5/8. I think a large (22 and 1/2 to 24) barely is big enough. I wonder if it is safe for baseball.
By Customer Service on January 24, 2014

Yes, any mask certified for an Ice Hockey Goalie will work just fine for a baseball umpire.