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CCM RBZ 80 Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick

CCM RBZ 80 Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick

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CCM RBZ 80 Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick

  • SpeedBlade 2 with Freak Channels
  • Power Swing Technology
  • Custom Kick Point
  • T-Geometry
  • Grip Finish
  • Length: 65 Flex = 57" | 60 Flex = 56"
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CCM Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2013 - II

CCM Nugent-Hopkins Blade, Nugent-Hopkins Curve, CCM Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Blade PatternCCM Lecavalier Blade, Lecavalier Curve, CCM Vincent Lecavalier Blade PatternCCM Tavares Blade, Tavares Curve, CCM John Tavares Blade PatternCCM Landeskog Blade, Landeskog Curve, CCM Gabriel Landeskog Blade PatternCCM Hossa Blade, Hossa Curve, CCM Marian Hossa Blade Pattern
CCM RBZ 80 Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick
By JZzjshshdh from Dhhshshs,didnsj on January 9, 2014
Does this have a low kick point and what's the difference between this and the ccm rbz 40
By Customer Service on January 10, 2014

It has a "Variable" flex point, which means that the flex point varies based on bottom hand placement. To most people, it will feel like a mid-kick stick. The RBZ 80 is a lighter, more responsive stick than the RBZ 40. The RBZ 40 is an introductory level stick, so it will be heavier and potentially more durable, but it will lack the responsive "feel" offered by high end sticks such as the RBZ 80.

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