CCM 400 Hockey Goalie Catcher - Junior

CCM 400 Hockey Goalie Catcher - Junior

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CCM 400 Hockey Goalie Catcher - Junior

  • Fast Closure
    Optimal finger positioning provides comfortable hand positioning to improve performance

  • Net Coverage
    Radiused thumb provides a wider opening and larger catching surface area to maximize net coverage

  • Protection
    Additional foam on the finger tip area increases protection on the back of the hand

  • Rebound Control
    Low-density soft foam at the center of the T-pocket reduces rebounds to provide increased control
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The difference between Regular and Full Right Goalie Gear

Regular Goalie Hockey Sticks, Blockers and Catchers
Regular Goalie Gear
Item Hand
Stick Right Hand
Blocker Right Hand
Catcher Left Hand
Full Right Goalie Hockey Sticks, Blockers and Catchers
Full Right Goalie Gear
Item Hand
Stick Left Hand
Blocker Left Hand
Catcher Right Hand

Youth, Junior, Intermediate and Senior Goalie Gear

Goalie Sizing by Age Group
Age Group Age Height
Senior 13+ 5'6"+
Intermediate 12 - 14 4'8" - 5'6"
Junior 7 - 12 4'0" - 5'0"
Youth 3 - 6 3'0" - 4'0"

*Please note: These measurements are all approximations and should only be used as a general guide which does not account for personal preference or slight variations from model to model or manufacturer to manufacturer.

CCM 400 Hockey Goalie Catcher - Junior
By Michele from Buffalo, NY on February 7, 2015
Picture shows white and red, but the description says white/black. Which is it?
By Customer Service on February 9, 2015

The White/Red option is pictured because it was the stock image provided by CCM, but that option is no longer available in our inventory. At this point the White/Black option is the only color option available in our inventory. If you'd like to order a White/Red Catcher, we can contact CCM to check stock there. If that's what you're after, please contact customer service at 800-633-5999.