CCM 100 Series Street Hockey Goalie Pads - Senior

CCM 100 Series Street Hockey Goalie Pads - Senior

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CCM 100 Series Street Hockey Goalie Pads - Senior

Key Features:

  • NHL® Pro Graphic
  • Durable Flat Front Graphic
  • Deep Leg Channel
  • Thigh Protection
CCM 100 Series Street Hockey Goalie Pads - Senior
By Chris from New Jersey on December 14, 2014
I have the reebok 2k inline pads. I play only outdoor, but I like to drop into butterfly. Due to the straightness and lack of flexibility of them, when I drop they don't meet cleanly, leaving a gap in the five-hole. Are these pads more flexible at the top to allow better coverage for that gap?
By Customer Service on December 15, 2014

They are fairly flexible. But they will likely be comparable to the 2K Leg Pads.

By David from Philadelphia on January 22, 2015
I have Powertec pads now for Dek hockey. They're really much better for a Dek hockey butterfly goalie, but they're not well made. They rip quickly. But they're not stiff and slide well on a Dek surface. How are these pads for Dek surface? Also, do you have pictures that show from behind?
By Customer Service on January 23, 2015

These pads are designed for street hockey and are made with a durable material that is suitable for use on any rough surface, so they should hold up quite well for use on a smooth deck surface.

Flat Face/Knee RollsFlat Face
Adjustable Knee LockNo
Channel MaterialNylon
Strap/Buckle Material3 Nylon
Straps (#)3
Toe AttachmentYes
Knee LiftsNo
Knee Breaks (#)1
Additional Features-
Made In-
Warranty90 Days