CCM RBZ SpeedBurner Grip Hockey Stick - Junior

CCM RBZ SpeedBurner Grip Hockey Stick - Junior

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CCM RBZ SpeedBurner Grip Hockey Stick - Junior


In extending the shaft down into the blade, the new PowerHosel technology helps to transfer more energy from your hands through to the puck for more powerful shots. By modifying this construction, the hosel area has been strengthened resulting in improved durability.


The Speed Pocket 2 blade is designed to create the biggest trampoline-effect yet, found exclusively in the RBZ stick family. Helping to maximize puck speed and powerful shots is the COR Technology (Coefficient of Restitution), which we’ve now nearly doubled its power since the RBZ Stage 2.


This unique kick point is great for shooters since the player will be able to load the stick no matter the position of the bottom hand, helping shooters whose hands may not be in the perfect position to still get shots off with power behind them.


  • Weight: 425 grams
  • Blade: Speed Pocket Construction - Provides an unbelievable trampoline effect (C.O.R.) to maximize puck speed
  • Taper: PowerHosel Technology - The new rib inside the hosel help maximize the energy transfer and increase durability
  • Swing weight: Extremely low swing weight - A better weight distribution throughout the stick gives the player a faster swing speed
  • Kick point: Custom kick point - The stick flexes based on the players bottom hand, making it perfect for any type of shot and no matter if the player is in the perfect position
  • Length: 52"
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CCM/Reebok Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2015

CCM/Reebok Stick Curves, P14 Duchene Curve, P15 Galchenyuk Curve, P6 Phaneuf Curve, P38 Datsyuk Curve, P40 Hossa Curve, P45 Tavares, P29 Crosby Curve, P46 Bergeron Curve, CCM/Reebok Player Blade Pattern Chart
CCM RBZ SpeedBurner Grip Hockey Stick - Junior
By Robert Beshere from Winthrop, Ma. on August 10, 2015
my son usually has a p19 50 flex right shot. nugent-hopkins. will you be carrying that ?
By Tommy @ on August 11, 2015

The Nugent-Hopkins blade pattern is no longer being produced by CCM, so it will not be available in any of the new CCM sticks. The closest blade pattern to the P19 Nugent-Hopkins will be the P29 (Crosby) or the P40 (Hossa) but neither will be a direct match.

Kick PointCustom
Construction MaterialCarbon
BladeSpeed Pocket
Shaft Shape-
Shaft FinishGrip
Additional Features-
Made In-
Warranty30 Days
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(12 Reviews)