CCM FitLite 3DS Hockey Helmet

CCM FitLite 3DS Hockey Helmet

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The CCM FitLite hockey helmet is CCM's newest top of the line helmet. This helmet design is similar to the Reebok style helmets but with all new protective enhancements. Starting with the two tone high density PE shell with PETG subshell, the FitLite helmet offers light weight protection with the added option for team-specific color customization. The FitLite helmet alse features the R.E.D. System to protect against rotational impact.

The FitLite helmet gives you the ability to achieve a fully customizable fit using the Microdial II system. The Microdial II features an occipital lock allowing you to get a full 360 degree wrap and adjustment to provide the best fit possible. The liner in this helmet is a low density flexible EPP with Lycra laminated comfort cushion to add to the level of protection along with state of the art comfort. With all of great new features, the CCM FitLite helmet is an excellent choice for any player looking to get the most out of their helmet.

CCM FitLite 3DS Hockey Helmet

The new CCM FitLite 3DS was built to meet the needs of our pro players. It features D3O smartfoam technology with rate sensitive properties that react differently to various levels of impact. The front to back adjustment and the new 360° wrapping Microdial III adjustment system provide an improved customized fit.


  • D30 Smartfoam: Smart Foam with High Shock Absorbing Properties - Pro level protection disperes the force of impact
  • Liner: Low density EPP with Memory Foam Comfort Cushions - Offers a lightweight professional level of protection and a state of the art comfort
  • Microdial III: Allows a full 360° Wrap and Adjustment - Optimal fit and comfort with an occipital lock for a customizable fit and to keep the helmet in place during play
  • Shell:High Density PE Shell with ABS Subshell - Lightweight professional level of protection with team customizable color

CCM Fitlite Helmet Sizing Chart

CCM Fitlite Helmet Sizing
Size Hat Size Head Circumference
Small 53/4 - 7 18" - 22" 46 - 56 cm
Medium 63/4 - 73/8 21.25" - 23.25" 54 - 59 cm
Large 71/4 - 8 23" - 25.25" 58 - 64 cm
CCM FitLite 3DS Hockey Helmet
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
brad chisholm
Los Angeles, CA
5 Stars
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The latest technology. Use it.
September 15, 2016
Progress is being made in the study of concussions and technology is being developed accordingly. That old hockey helmet with the dried out foam - well, make a planter out of it. You can skimp on many things in life when you have to, but your head? Your kid's head? Just don't. Eat bologna sandwiches for a couple of weeks to buy the latest helmet, which this is. I think we bought the 3DS the first day. CCM do a lot of rink-level testing. My kid has done it, and they are generous to the kids also, so this is a good company. Remember any hockey helmet needs to be fitted correctly, and used in conjunction with a good mouth guard at all time. Hockey injuries happen in a split second and you don't want that kind of sorry.
easy to fit.

PaddingD30 Smartfoam
LinerLow Density EPP w/Memory Foam
ShellHigh Density PE Shell w/ABS Subshell
Tool-Free Size AdjustmentYes
Occipital LockYes
CertificationCSA, HECC, CE Certified
Additional Features-
Made InChina
Warranty1 Year