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Brians S-Series Junior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads

Brians S-Series Junior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads

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Brians S-Series Junior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads

  • Strapless design with smart strap system
  • Pro Spec Construction
  • Lightweight Design
  • Double Knee Break
  • Two Piece Knee Block
  • Thinned Out Upper Profile
  • Tapered Toe
  • Standard (Flat) Synthetic Leather
  • Size:10" Width
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Brians S-Series Junior Hockey Goalie Leg Pads
By Jamey from Bangor, Maine on June 12, 2013
How do I know the right size to order for my son. He currently is using a 26+1 but they're slightly too small for him.
By Jeremiah at on June 13, 2013

Depending on how small the current pads are and how quickly he's growing, you'll want to go with either 27 or 28 Inch pads. The +1 is optional. For more info, visit our Goalie Leg Pad Sizing Guide

By christopher smokeyday from apple valley , MN on April 20, 2014
my son currently has a 27+1 and he is 12 and growing what size should he get?
By Customer Service on April 21, 2014

If the 27 Inch pads are just barely too small, the 28 Inch pads will fit him well right now, but he may grow out of them soon if he's growing quickly. 29 Inch pads will likely be just a little too big if that's the case, but certainly manageable. Whether he gets pads with a +1 or not, the fit of the pads won't be affected. The +1 sizing just adds a bit of length to the top of the leg pads but does not change the placement of the knee cradle.