Boot Stretch

Boot Stretch

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Boot Stretch

If you have difficulty finding a boot in a width to accomodate your feet, our skate engineers can help. Have your boots stretched before they arrive!

Please allow and additional 5 working days for delivery when ordering this service.
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Boot Stretch
By Adam from Chicago on June 25, 2013
Can a plastic toecap be stretched along the WIDTH somehow? Or REPLACED by a bigger one? My skates fit perfectly EXCEPT for the narrow toecap I HATE IT!
By Jeremiah at on June 25, 2013

Unfortunately, the toe cap can't be stretched and can't really be affordably replaced. If you had them stretched, the effect on the toe cap would be minimal. You may consider thinner socks and a thinner footbed. If you do decide to stretch the toe cap, be very careful not to overdo it - you may end up compromising the structural integrity of the skates.