Bauer RP NME Titanium NC Cat Eye Goalie Mask Cage - Senior

Bauer RP NME Titanium NC Cat Eye Goalie Mask Cage - Senior

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Bauer RP NME Titanium NC Cat Eye Goalie Mask Cage - Senior

  • Titanium Cage
  • Built to fit Concept C1 Goalie Mask
  • Not Certified

Manufacturer Model Number: 1042706

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Bauer RP NME Titanium NC Cat Eye Goalie Mask Cage - Senior
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Jeff leighton
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
5 Stars
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May 5, 2015
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By Paul Thomas from Philadelphia, PA on May 21, 2013
Will this fit on the Concept C2...? I'm under the understanding that the only difference between Concept C1 and Concept C2 are the cage build type and the material the mask is made of is different.
By Jeremiah at on May 22, 2013

According to Bauer, it will not fit on the Concept C2, which seems odd since the Bauer RP NME Senior Titanium Certified Cage is said to fit both the C1 and C2. The Bauer RP NME CCE2 Senior Certified Cat Eye Cage is also said to fit both C1 and C2 masks.

By Joe from St. Louis, Missouri on May 27, 2013
I may be just missing it, but is this ONLY for the concept masks? ...or will this fit my NME7?
By Customer Service on May 28, 2013

According to Bauer, it's only supposed to be used with the Concept C1. You may be able to make it fit on your NME 7, but we can't recommend it because Bauer hasn't approved the compatibility of this cage with that mask.

By Zak from ontario on March 10, 2015
will this cage fit on a Sportsmask Razor?
By Customer Service on March 11, 2015

It will not. The location of the holes where the cage attaches to the mask are different.

By Arthur desousa from Canada on January 3, 2015
Does this cage fit an NME 8. If not do you have a cats eye cage that will
By Customer Service on January 5, 2015

Yes, it will fit the NME 8.

By Luca Domeniconi from new york, NY on December 25, 2013
does this mask cage come with clips. Can we buy the clips separately and will this mask cage fit a RP NMESR helmut that we already have. We ordered one but it came with out clips. Where can I buy the clips to attach it. Thanks!

By Daniel from Wisconsin on March 26, 2014
I would like to know if this cage would fit for the NME3 mask? And if not what cat eye typed cage would?
By Customer Service on March 26, 2014

The NME CCE2 Cage is the only cat eye cage we carry that will fit on the NME 3 Mask.