Bauer Hockey Helmet Hardware Kit

Bauer Hockey Helmet Hardware Kit

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Bauer Hockey Helmet Hardware Kit

  • Hardware compatible with most brands of helmets including BAUER, MISSION and ITECH
  • Includes: Screws, Square Round Post, Side Post Short, Side Post Long, Facemask Round Side Post, Lock Screws, Screw Stud and Screwdriver
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Bauer Hockey Helmet Hardware Kit
By Mike from Anaheim CA on February 9, 2015
What are the item details? Amount of screws? posts? Etc? Thank You
By Customer Service on February 13, 2015

The kit includes:

24 - Plastic helmet buckles
10 - Chin strap loops
10 - Long chin straps
10 - 5500/4500 Helmet replacement ear loops
48 - 1/4" Screws
24 - Short side posts
24 - Long side posts
24 - Square posts
24 - Dome screws
24 - J-clips
48 - front mount clips