Bauer Vapor 1X Grip Hockey Stick - Junior - 2016

Bauer Vapor 1X Grip Hockey Stick - Junior - 2016

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The newest Vapor line is here, and the Bauer Vapor 1X Stick has arrived as the top model to replace the Vapor APX2 from the previous line. For those who haven't used a Vapor stick before, the line is designed for players who are looking for a quick release and great puck feel. To that point, the Vapor 1X has undergone a few major improvements when compared to the Vapor APX2, starting with the shaft taper. Bauer is calling it the QRT Taper, which is designed to improve load and release time for quicker shots. According to Bauer, the taper improves loading time by 20% and it releases 28% faster when compared to the APX2.

As a result of the modifications to the taper and reduced excess material in other parts of the stick and blade, Bauer was able to reduce the weight of the stick by approximately 15 grams (senior model). Of course, a lighter stick is easier to handle with increased quickness, and at 405 grams, the Vapor 1X is the lightest Vapor stick ever made. The TeXtreme carbon used in the construction of the stick is perhaps the best material available in the hockey stick market, due to its combination of durability, weight and responsiveness.

For elite players, the Vapor 1X is a must-have. You'll be sure to feel the difference, whether you're handling the puck in tight spaces or firing quick shots on the move.

Bauer Vapor 1X Grip Hockey Stick - Junior - 2016


  • AERO-SENSE II blade core
  • IMPROVED QRT Taper technology
  • Monocomp technology
  • Pure Shot blade profile
  • Lightweight Silver TeXtreme®
  • Micro Feel II shaft dimension
  • Double concave walls
  • Matte blade with texture
  • Weight: 415 Grams (Based on Senior Model)

Bauer Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2015

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Bauer Hockey Stick Blade Pattern Chart - 2015
Bauer Vapor 1X Grip Hockey Stick - Junior - 2016
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