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Bauer 7500 Replacement Hockey Chin Cup

Bauer 7500 Replacement Hockey Chin Cup

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Bauer 7500 Replacement Hockey Chin Cup

  • 7500 Replacement Chin Cup

Manufacturer Model Number: 1034656

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Bauer 7500 Replacement Hockey Chin Cup
By Anthony from Buffalo NY on February 5, 2014
How exactly does this chin cup attach to the helmet...the small straps coming from the cup are riveted shut correct?
By Customer Service on February 5, 2014

They're actually push rivets, so all you'll need is a pen or something of similar size. Use the tip of the pen to push the center of the rivet out of the button. Then attach the straps to your cage and push the rivet back through the hole of the button.

By Halen from Millersville, MD on January 6, 2015
Will this work on a Bauer 2100?

By Customer Service on January 6, 2015

Yes, but keep the straps from the original chin cup. You'll need to re-attach them to the cage.

By Phoenix from Aus on November 17, 2014
Will this fit a Bauer 9900 cage?
By Customer Service on November 17, 2014

Yes, it will fit.