Bauer Reactor 4000 Hockey Goalie Leg Pads - Intermediate

Bauer Reactor 4000 Hockey Goalie Leg Pads - Intermediate

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Bauer Reactor 4000 Hockey Goalie Leg Pads - Intermediate

  • Built "For Pros By Pros"
  • Pro Core insert
  • Triangle outside roll
  • AKL: Adjustable Knee Lock
  • Quick release thigh & knee straps
  • NHL legal under-pant thigh protector
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Bauer Reactor 4000 Hockey Goalie Leg Pads - Intermediate
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
5 Stars
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Measure your child for a proper fit
September 21, 2015
My daughter is 12 is 5ft and has a FTK of 17.5 and has these pads in a 32+1. They were a perfect fit. She used them for spring and summer hockey and is now 5'2" and they are getting small. HAVE YOUR CHILD MEASURED. SIZING IS NOT CORRECT ON HERE. I bought the smaller size first time around using the charts and cost me $50 in shipping fee's to send back to the place I bought them from online. Other than sizing the pads have held up great. Plays 3 games, 2 team practices and 1 private lesson weekly and have not had any trouble with them. Good luck

By Joe from ontario on March 5, 2014
what are dimension differences from 32" intermediate pads to 32" senior pads and are there other differenceences
By Customer Service on March 6, 2014

The intermediate pads are 10" wide and the senior pads are 11" wide.

By Densie from Chicago on May 25, 2014
My son is 13 5 foot 3 will this fit him
By Customer Service on May 30, 2014

At that height, Intermediate pads are likely the best choice for him, probably 30" or 31". But 32" would likely be a tad large.

By Alek from Omaha, Nebraska on June 18, 2013
Are there any pictures of the different color schemes?
By Jeremiah at on June 19, 2013

Yes, I'm adding the color chart to this page as I'm typing here. It will be on the site in about 20 minutes.

By Steveg from NJ on November 12, 2014
Daughter who is 14 and 5 foot - plays Boys bantams and girls travel. I assume intermediate? And 30+1?
By Customer Service on November 12, 2014

Yes, 30+1 would likely be the best choice for her.

By Michelle from Denver, CO on December 4, 2013
My son is 11 years old. What size of goalie gear should I get him youth or intermediate?
By Customer Service on December 4, 2013

At 11 years old, Intermediate gear will likely be the best choice. If he's small for his age, go with Junior. If he's large for his age, definitely go with intermediate. Youth pads are well below his size.

By Austin from Nj on June 5, 2014
I'm almost 13 just starting goalieing about 5'4 to 5'6 what size should I go with and what's the best goaling brand?
By Customer Service on June 11, 2014

Bauer is a great choice. Any of the brands we carry will serve your needs well, though. Over time, when you have the opportunity to try out a variety of brands and styles, you'll develop your own personal preferences and most likely stick with that brand in the future. In the meantime, don't worry too much about which brand you choose. If you're playing ice hockey, just avoid Mission and Tour because they're typically designed specifically for Inline Hockey, not Ice Hockey. At your height, 32 Inch Pads are probably going to provide the best fit. If you see "32 +1" or "32 + 2", those will work as well, but the top of the pads will be extended 1 Inch (32+1) or 2 Inches (32+2) for additional five-hole coverage when you drop to the butterfly position.

Width9" | 10"
Flat Face/Knee RollsSemi Flat Face | Knee Rolls
Adjustable Knee LockYes
Channel MaterialSynthetic Leather
Strap/Buckle Material3 Leather | 2 Nylon
Straps (#)5
Toe AttachmentYes
Knee LiftsYes
Knee Breaks (#)2
Additional FeaturesFlexx Darts
Made In-
Warranty90 Days