Bauer Supreme ONE.8 Ice Hockey Skates - Junior

Bauer Supreme ONE.8 Ice Hockey Skates - Junior

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Bauer Supreme ONE.8 Ice Hockey Skates - Junior

ONE.8 Skate Upper Features

  • Quarter Package: 3D Anaformable light weight tech mesh upper
  • Lining Material: Hydrophobic TRUE-SUEDE synthetic leather
  • Ankle Padding: Lightweight anaform fit foam ankle pads
  • Tongue Construction: Anatomical, 48 oz. 2-piece felt with high-density metatarsal guard
  • Footbed: FORM-FIT with stabilizer grip
  • Thermoformable: Full upper

ONE.8 Skate Lower Features

  • Outsole: Full composite
  • Blade Holder and Runner: TUUK Lightspeed 2 with LS 2.1 Power stainless steel runner

Manufacturer Model Number: 1001276

Bauer Junior Hockey Skate Sizing Chart

Bauer Junior Hockey Skate Sizing Chart
Bauer Skate Size Shoe Size
U.S. Euro U.K.
1.0 2.0 33.5 1.5
1.5 2.5 34 2.0
2.0 3.0 35 2.5
2.5 3.5 35.5 3.0
3.0 4.0 36 3.5
3.5 4.5 36.5 4.0
4.0 5.0 37.5 4.5
4.5 5.5 38 5.0
5.0 6.0 38.5 5.5
5.5 6.5 39 6.0
hockey skate boot width; letters next to skate size; hockey skate width

SENIOR Hockey Skates
Senior hockey skates are sized to fit adults and full grown teenagers with a Men's US shoe size of 7 or greater.

JUNIOR Hockey Skates
Junior hockey skates are sized to fit kids in the range of approximately 8 to 12 years old with a US shoe size of 2 to 6.5.

YOUTH Hockey Skates
Youth hockey skates are sized to fit toddlers and young children in the age range of approximately 9 years old and younger with a US youth shoe size of 1.5 or smaller.

*Female Skaters*
The difference between men's shoes and women's shoes is 1.5 to 2 sizes. So, if you wear size 9 women's shoes, that translates to a men's size 7.5 or 7.0, which would put you in a size 6 senior hockey skate. More simply put, go 3 sizes down from your women's shoe size in order to find your hockey skate size.

Bauer Supreme ONE.8 Ice Hockey Skates - Junior
By Scott from NY Rockland county on December 4, 2013
What is the difference between vapor and Supreme series?
By Customer Service on December 5, 2013

The fit is the main difference. The graphics on the skates are of course different as well, and you'll find that some of the materials used in the construction of the boots in different, but that's a fairly inconsequential aspect for the user.

The fit of the Vapor skates is narrow in the heel and progressively wider through the mid-foot to the toe box. The instep is also slightly shallow and the arches are medium to high.

The fit of the Supreme skates is snug and formfitting. They are designed to provide an "anatomical" fit that closely follows the contours of your feet to eliminate negative space and increase responsiveness. Some skaters feel that the Supreme Skates are "tighter" and "narrower" than the Vapor Skates, particularly in the toe box.

All of that being said, here's a link to a diagram that allows you to visualize the fit differences between the Vapor and Supreme Skates.

Heat MoldableYes
Quarter Package3D Anaformable Lightweight
TongueAnatomical 48 oz. 2-Piece Felt
Ankle Padding/SupportLightweight Anaform Fit
LinerHydrophobic Tru-Suede Synthetic Leather
FootbedForm-Fit w/Grip
OutsoleFull Composite
HolderTUUK Lightspeed 2
RunnerTUUK Lightspeed 2.1 Power Stainless Steel
Additional Features-
Made In-
WarrantyBoot = 90 Days | Holder/Runner = 1 Year
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