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Bauer RE-AKT Titanium Hockey Facemask

Bauer RE-AKT Titanium Hockey Facemask

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Bauer RE-AKT Titanium Hockey Facemask

  • Titanium construction for lightweight play, 50% lighter than competitive facemasks
  • Premium design has enhanced visual areas with patented oval wire
  • Free floating, triple density chin cup w/PORON® XRD™ treated with MICROBAN® antibacterial protection to resist odors and mildew
  • CSA, HECC, CE certified
  • Wire Color: Titanium Smoke

Manufacturer Model Number: 1038896

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Bauer RE-AKT Titanium Hockey Facemask
4.5 Stars based on 4 Review(s)
Raleigh, NC
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Extremely light cage
July 28, 2014
I combined this cage with the Easton E700 helmet. Perfect fit, quick attachment to helmet, and really comfortable. A bit expensive, but worth it, since i will use it for years.
light weight, fits Easton helmets too.

3 Stars

not nearly as good of vision as the 7500 cage
December 28, 2013
title says it all. don't believe me try them both out. yes the re-akt is lighter but the vision is better on the 7500 as well as the chin cup
vision should be better,.chin cup comfort..price

Ashburn, VA
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Excellent cage, Nice quality and super light...just need to be wider...
June 20, 2013
Just purchased this cage last night from Hockey Giant store and put it on my Warrior Krown 360 helmet. I was planning to buy the Reebok 11K cage, but after I picked up this Re-AKT cage, I changed my mind IMMEDIATELY. I put back the Reebok 11K and paid for this Re-AKT cage. This cage is light as it should be, Titanium material. It weight is about holding 10~15 pieces of plain paper in your hand. VERY LIGHT. The only thing I need to put as "WARRNING" is the width of this cage. For people who have wider circumference of head like me. I am wearing KROWN 360 size XL helmet and I HAVE TO loose it all the way to the widest space. When I put on the helmet on my head, this cage ( Size L) actually has hard time to fully close to the place of the stopper. The chin cup is about 2 inches far from my chin...... Anyway, rather than having a cage that fits my helmet but too heavy, I prefer to keep this super light cage. About the vision field through the cage, I will say there is no difference from the Reebok 11K. Both are designed to increase vision field, by using oval metal bar (Re-AKT) or flat metal bar (11K). I will try its field performance on this coming Sunday, the first game of Summer season. One additional note for the readers is that I recommend you DO prepare one cage in hand. You will need a cage when playing during Spring and Summer time, to alow the sweat that is running on your face and forhead be air dried. If you keep on using a shield, it just blocks the air flow path. I just experience that through the whole Spring season game, so I finally made a decision to change my Oakley face shield combo to this cage.
As light as 10~15 pieces of A4 paper. Way much lighter than Reebok 11K.
Fits Warrior Krown 360 size XL helmet, but when the healmet is on your head, the cage cannot close all the way to the stopper. Vision is the same as all cages; not really better than Reebok 11K.

Tim (Orlando, FL)
5 Stars

August 27, 2012
When I got the box I was worried the box was empty it was so lite. Put it on with no problem, and it fits great on my Bauer 5100. First game after putting it on took a puck to the face, came from a half shield, couldn't but help and smile that I put this mask on the night before.

By Alex from anaheim on July 4, 2013
will this fit on a bauer 4500?

By Jeremiah at HockeyGiant.com on July 5, 2013

Yes, it will fit on any Bauer helmet. Just match the helmet size with the cage size.

By BR from Bay Area, CA on October 12, 2013
Will this fit an Easton S9?
By Customer Service on October 14, 2013

Yes, it will fit. You may need to change the mount clips, though.

By derrick from kinderhoook, new york on December 14, 2013
i have a medium reebok 11k helmet what size re-akt cage would be the best fit?
By Customer Service on December 16, 2013

Medium would offer the best fit.

By Mark from Boston, Mass on May 3, 2013
Will this fit on the Bauer IMS 9.0? My Bauer FM 9900 mask is too wide, making the J clip on the helmet useless.
By Jeremiah at Hockeygiant.com on May 6, 2013

Yes, the IMS 9.0 and RE-AKT Helmet Shells are nearly identical, so the cage should fit quite well.

By Carmen from Maine on December 1, 2013
Will the small RE-AKT fit on the medium Bauer 7500 helmet
By Customer Service on December 4, 2013

Yes, though it will be shorter than the medium cage, so if you have a short, round face then it will work well for you.

By frank from ny on May 6, 2013
Will a Large fit on a Large ccm v10 2011 and/or the new ccm v10?
By Jeremiah at HockeyGiant.com on May 6, 2013

Yes, it should fit, but you may need to change out the J Clips.

By Gene from MN on May 19, 2013
Will this fit on an Easton E700 ?
By Customer Service on May 20, 2013

Yes, it will fit. There's a chance that you'll need to change out the J Clips.