Bauer Lil Champ Hockey Ice Skates - Youth

Bauer Lil Champ Hockey Ice Skates - Youth

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Bauer Lil Champ Hockey Ice Skates - Youth

Upper Features

  • Quarter Package - 1-piece molded shell
  • Lining Material - Printed bootie
  • Tongue Construction - Pre-shaped tongue for added fit and comfort
  • Closure System - Forefoot reattached buckle

Lower Features

  • Blade Holder and Runner - 1-piece molded shell and holder with steel runner

Manufacturer Model Number: 1039574

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Bauer Lil Champ Hockey Ice Skates - Youth
By Steve from Albany, NY on November 20, 2014
My Granddaughter wears a size one shoe. Could you tell me what size skate she would need?
By Customer Service on November 21, 2014

This skate runs true to Boys' shoe sizes, which are approximately 1.5 sizes large than girls' shoe sizes.That would put her in a size 12-13 for this skate model.

By Marie from NYC on December 11, 2014
MY 4 year old currently wears a size 9 in shoes. You only have a 8/9 available. Will the 8/9 be too small?
By Customer Service on December 15, 2014

This particular skate runs true to boys' shoe sizes, so 9 would be the correct size, but he'd likely grow out of them fairly quickly. If you take a look at our selection of youth ice hockey skates, the sizing works differently, and typically you'll go 1 size down from boys' shoe sizes, which would put him in size 8.0 youth skates. If you want to give him some additional room to grow, size 9.0 would work, but may be a bit roomy until he grows a little more.

By Brian from port huron, mi on November 25, 2013
Do the sizes for these skates run the same as shoe size?
By Customer Service on November 26, 2013

Yes, they run true to boys' shoe sizes.

By Christine from CT on March 1, 2015
These 6-7,8-9are toddler sizes right? Am I correct that toddler shoe sizes are the same for girls and boys.?

By Customer Service on March 2, 2015

Correct. These skates would be for a toddler or small child between 2-4 years old. The sizing would be the same for all players, both girls and boys, which would be 1 size down from their shoe size.

By Josh from New Jersey on February 13, 2014
Very interested. Are these toddler size or kids size?
By Customer Service on February 17, 2014

These are typically best suited for kids in the age range of 4 - 7 years old. They run true to U.S. Boys' Shoe Sizes.

By Eileen Diggle from Cape Cod, Massachusetts on November 30, 2013
do the blades need to be sharpened before using?
By Customer Service on December 4, 2013

Yes, they will need to be sharpened. They come with a dull factory edge.

By david from Boston, MA on October 6, 2014
my son is 3+ yrs old and looking to get him involved in a learn to skate program. His shoe size currently is a 7/8 depending on the type of show. What size would fit best in these skates? Thanks.
By Customer Service on October 7, 2014

Unfortunately we don't currently have his size in this particular skate. But, here's a link to each of the Youth Size 7 Hockey Skates we have available. That's the size that would work best for him.

By Moses from Houston, Texas on August 30, 2014
Are these 6-13c? like infant shoes? Because my nephew is 1 and a half years old and he wears a size 8c shoe and I'm wondering if these are his size.
By Customer Service on September 2, 2014

Yes, the size 6-7 should be a good fit for him.

By Pam from Franklin, WI on November 12, 2014
Grandson is 2, his shoe size in toddler is a 6, will these fit and are they age appropriate ?
By Customer Service on November 12, 2014

Yes, the size 6-7 would be the correct choice for him.

By Roger from Minnesota on September 9, 2014
Hi there,

Wondering if the size of this skate follows the regular Bauer Youth ice skates (e.g. Attached please find a copy of the sizing chart for youth ice hockey skates.

By Customer Service on September 16, 2014

This skate actually runs true to shoe size, so that chart does not apply to this model.

Closure TypeForefoot re-attached buckle
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