A&R Hockey Helmet Repair Kit

A&R Hockey Helmet Repair Kit

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A&R Hockey Helmet Repair Kit

  • Helmet Repair Kit comes complete with Phillips head screwdriver, two each Jclip, Dome, Helmet Buckle, Long Steel Clip, and four each Short Screw and Short Back Nut in a mini-toolbox with a secure locking mechanism
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A&R Hockey Helmet Repair Kit
By Tom Scandaliato from New York, NY 10006 on September 14, 2015
Are there instructions on-line?

By Customer Service on September 14, 2015

Instructions aren't typically included with helmet screws, but we would be happy to help you identify the parts you need for each part of your helmet. If you would like to post your followup questions here, we'll respond as quickly as possible. Or, if you'd like to call customer service at 800-633-5999, one of our reps will assist you over the phone.