A&R Hockey Goalie Knee Lift - Senior

A&R Hockey Goalie Knee Lift - Senior

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A&R Hockey Goalie Knee Lift - Senior

  • Knee lifts with laces
A&R Hockey Goalie Knee Lift - Senior
By Tyran from Canada on January 22, 2015
What are the actual dimensions of these lifts?
Would I be able to easily sew on a connector so my leather knee strap would join with this to hold it into place?
By Customer Service on January 23, 2015

These knee lifts are going to be approximately 4" tall and 6" wide. They are not really designed to have a strap added to them, however, because the position that the knee lifts sit in are designed to sit right up against the knee wedge, and if you were to add a strap to the knee lift, it would impede the normal way the knee lifts sit on your leg itself, which could end up being very uncomfortable.

By Liam from Yardley, Pennsylvania on August 2, 2013
My ccm extreme flex pro's knee risers are extremely weak, will these attach easily to the pad and does it have velcro on the side of it to hold the flexible strap in place?

By Pat@HockeyGiant on August 6, 2013

The lifters are attached using a 3 hole lacing system that makes installation easy assuming your pads have their lifters laced in. They do not come with velcro patches for attaching knee straps.