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Hockey Giant Press Release: 05/18/2009


“HockeyGiant purchases closeout of Bauer Vapor Sticks and Vapor Skates”

Carlsbad, CA, May, 18.Hockeygiant just completed the purchase of over $6 million dollars worth of bauer product. The purchase consists primarily of Vapor XXV sticks, Vapor XXXX sticks, Vapor XXV skates, and Vapor XXXX skates. This deal will allow Hockeygiant.com to carry an amazing selection of the top of the line Bauer Vapor product that most hockey players think are the best hockey sticks and hockey skates to be released in several years. The Bauer Vapor skates are known to be incredibly comfortable as well as durable and protective. The Bauer Vapor sticks have amazing technology that allows for a great feel of the puck on the blade and is used by many NHL players. Hockeygiant.com looks forward to providing its customers with more amazing hockey equipment at a wide selection.

Vapor XXXX Hockey Sticks

Vapor XXXX Hockey Skates

Vapor XXV Hockey Sticks

Vapor XXV Hockey Skates

About SportsGiant/SG Commerce LLC

SportsGiant LLC is a subsidiary of Carlsbad, CA based SG Commerce LLC, a specialty multi-channel retailer of niche products, carrying a very broad selection of the top brands and latest products within a category, at competitive prices. The Company prides itself on highly efficient order processing and fulfillment, which yield very high levels of customer service and satisfaction. SG Commerce LLC operates out of the 53,000 sq. ft. Corporate Offices and Central Distribution Warehouse facilities and Customer Care Center in Carlsbad, CA. In 2002, SG Commerce launched its first niche product category, which through its web site and retail superstores. HockeyGiant.com, has become the largest and leading hockey equipment retailer in the United States, specializing in hockey skates, hockey sticks, hockey protective equipment, licensed merchandise, and hockey accessories from the largest and most highly respected manufacturers in the industry, including Bauer, CCM, Easton, Mission and many others. HockeyGiant's management team has redefined equipment retailing within the hockey industry through a streamlined approach to product life cycle management and distribution.

SportsGiant operates additional websites including www.goaliedeals.com, www.hockeyattire.com, www.rollerhockey.com, hockeygiant.ca and more.

Contact Information:

Shael Wilder - CEO

SG Commerce LLC

(760) 692-0300 ext. 262